Clients on Tap For Internet Marketing Consulting

How many small businesses can you think of that would benefit by having an online presence? The butcher, baker, candlestick maker? Your dentist, lawyer, beautician or printer? They all do, and because they are rarely skilled in internet marketing, they are the hungry clients for an internet marketing consulting business.

Yellow Pages Have Other Uses

People are no longer consulting the Yellow Pages to find the goods and services they need. They are searching online, and they are using their copy of the Yellow Pages to, among other things, raise the height of their computer monitors!

Offline businesses recognize that having their own websites is a much cheaper alternative than having any type of print advertising, and more versatile than being just ‘one of many’ in online directories.

How Big Is The Market?

Just a few months ago, the figures were staggering – and every single day they grow. To illustrate, there were 24.7 million small businesses in the U.S. alone, 4.3 million in the United Kingdom and 1.2 million in Australia. While they will not all be looking to set up a search engine optimized website (though they should!), many of them are.

This is an indication of the size of the potential market for an Internet Marketing Consulting business – and there are not many in the game, yet.

What Service Needs To Be Provided?

That’s the great thing about a consultancy – you can decide what services you wish to provide. If you have skills in a certain area, e.g. graphic design or content writing, you can do this alone, or you can offer a complete service, and outsource whatever components you choose.

Is It Easy To Get Started?

With the right guidance, you can start earning money right away, but don’t be mistaken – it is not money for jam, you do have to work at it. But you work the hours you want, and you work for whomever you choose.

As well, you need self-discipline to be self-employed. You need to be able to set targets for yourself and stick with them. For some people, not having a boss to tell them what to do and when to do it, is almost impossible to get used to.

Are There Any Courses Available?

Because internet marketing consultancy is a relatively new field, there are no courses available in formal institutions. The best way to learn is from someone with proven results already – if they are willing to share their secrets. They are around though, so look for someone with proven credentials (not just a fancy sales pitch!), Google their name to make sure they are legit, and if they check out, then get on board without delay.