Become A Booz Management Consultant

Booz & Company has a storied history, having the greatest longevity of all existing consulting firms still in business today, and having participated in many of the biggest business deals of the last 100 years. From major mergers to saving automotive giants from bankruptcy, Booz has been there since 1914. While the business has shifted since its beginnings, especially since the 2008 restructure that saw the government services business branch off from Booz’s main operations, Booz & Company remains a strong market competitor and prestigious place to work.

Booz is one of the top management consulting firms in the world alongside firms, such as McKinsey, Bain and AT Kearney.

Recruitment at Booz is not unlike the recruitment process at other leading consulting firms. Undergrads and graduate students are recruited from the top 20 to 30 schools nationwide. They also accept applications from students at other institutions.

Booz looks for people who have a track record of being the best at whatever they do. On their website they state that they look for people who have done things that are very difficult to do and have done them very well. Whether it’s been running in a marathon or starting your own business from the ground up. They look for people who want to be the best at whatever they do, but do it just for the sheer satisfaction of being the best. Internal motivation and drive is a huge characteristic Booz & Company values very highly.

Like other management consulting firms, you had better be strong at case study interview questions. These questions are used by Booz recruiters to test your analytical and problem solving skills. Some people are more naturally inclined and gifted at answering case study questions, but it is a skill set that can be learned and improved just like anything else. Booz associates recommend that any interested applicant learn the art of mastering case study questions in order to have a chance at being hired at Booz.

There is a litany of case study information in a variety of mediums that you have at your disposal on the web or in bookstores that you need to leverage in order to develop a passion for case study questions. The most successful candidates and associates spend hours thinking about case studies and craft specific problem solving strategies that they can draw from when being interviewed.

Management consulting professionals must possess a very high level of intelligence and academic achievement. This is a requirement at Booz. They do like to hire undergraduate business majors and MBAs, but they do hire people from a variety of backgrounds. They also hire mid-career professionals. An important characteristic Booz looks for is a strong and commanding personal presence. That means you need to make sure you have an air of confidence, competence and composure when you walk into the interview.

Study the corporate culture, history, style, practice areas and core values. Study the website and speak with existing management consulting professionals on their team, and with recruiters.

Booz also looks for people who can independently think, yet be a viable member of a team. Another skill set they highly value is compelling and professional presentation skills. In other words, they want their associates to have an assortment of business and personal skills in their toolkit that can be utilized at any given time. When preparing to apply for Booz and company make sure you are very well prepared for the case study questions, have an outstanding track record of academic and personal achievement, and can convey very clearly why you would be a good fit.

Providing Consulting in International Markets

Many people fantasize about having a large consulting firm specializing in consulting in international markets where millions are made in transitional consulting. What many do not realize is for your firm to stand out and gain clients you will need not only superior consulting skills but also some of the top networking and marketing skills in the market.

When providing consulting in emerging and established markets you need to be aware and make your clients aware of the cultural differences between markets first as one awkward moment between foreign business partners can cause months of problems. Many consulting companies do not take into effect the cultural differences in advertising which is causing many major marketing and branding problems. When doing an advertising and public relations campaign you must completely change your plans depending on which side you are promoting to. For instance besides the language differences you would not want to run the same message campaign to those in the United States as you would in India just because the ways that people take jokes, phrases, and body language is drastically different in certain cases.

These things should already be known by those providing consulting in markets internationally as most of the time these consultancies are centered on providing a smooth transition from one market to the other. Other foreign consultant firms work in various industries such as outsourcing management, international shipping, translation, security, and more. The industry of consulting in emerging markets is a very lucrative venture if done correctly but at the same time is not for everyone including those who can already speak both languages and know both cultures. In this business industry it takes a certain type of person and business owner to succeed as you are not just dealing with one region or country but instead are dealing with social, political, language, and economic barriers which all have their own sets of problems within each category. Overall there is much to learn about starting an international consulting firm before you take that leap, but if you are a daring entrepreneur who has a unique skill set then there is an unlimited potential to be made consulting in foreign markets.

Glass Pool Fence Vs Aluminium fence: What is the difference?

It keeps your family safe, and it also makes your backyard more beautiful by adding an attractive enclosure to it.

Pool fencing is one of the most important aspects of any pool,Guest Posting and it is the first thing that an inspector will check when carrying out a pool safety inspection in Sydney.

There are two main types of fence material that you can use for this purpose: glass pool fences and aluminium fences.

Glass Pool Fences

One of the biggest advantages of glass pool fences is that they are very safe. They do not corrode, and you can easily see through them at all times. The installation process for this type is also very easy because it only requires two holes to be drilled into your concrete wall or fence posts. These panels require no maintenance whatsoever after their initial installation, so there will be absolutely no work involved in keeping them clean either. Finally, if you want to make your backyard look more attractive by adding plants around the perimeter of your swimming area, a glass pool fence allows you to maintain an unobstructed view from outside while still providing plenty of privacy when needed.

The cons of glass fencing include the relatively high cost of installation, the maintenance costs needed to keep them clean and finally safety issues.

Aluminium Pool Fences

A great alternative for those who want a higher quality look at an affordable price is aluminium fencing. This type is made from solid metal panels which are usually powder-coated with several colours so they can be installed in any colour scheme you desire. These panels do require some upkeep because their coating wears off over time due to heavy use or exposure to harsh weather conditions, but this problem can easily be remedied by simply repainting it every few years if necessary. The cons of aluminium fencing include the fact that it is not very attractive and the posts are quite sturdy which means you can’t move or relocate them easily.

Whichever type you prefer, a pool fence is an absolute necessity if you have a pool at home, and if you don’t have one it means that you could be fined and a certificate of conformity not issued to you following a pool inspection in Sydney.

Tips For Longboarding And Where To Find A Longboard For Sale

Modern surfing takes its roots from longboard surfing. Ancient texts depict natives using giant pieces of logs to ride the waves for religious practices

This ancient activity has now made its way to become a beloved sport by many in the modern day. This spurt in popularity for the sports has caught the interests of many new surfing fans and enthusiasts.

In surfing,Guest Posting there are two major categories – longboarding and shortboarding. For newer fans of the sport, longboarding is much suitable for them. Beginners looking to buy boards would often find themselves guided by experts to get to the longboard for sale section in the store. Longboarding is the more relaxed activity between the two and could help beginners get water-riding experience they need if they ever wish to transition to performance surfing.

That being said, there are golden rules that longboard surfers, beginner to professionals, need to follow when riding the waves. So, put on your salty crew board shorts and get to learn the basic golden rules of longboard surfing.

Pick the right longboard

First thing’s first. Before riding the waves, make sure you have just the right longboard for someone of your size. The size of the longboard should be enough for you to maneuver it easily. So, don’t get the first longboard for sale that you see. Let experts help you choose the right one.

Wear a leash

Rule number one for longboard surfers, always wear a leash. No-leash rides have become synonymous with longboard surfing. It emphasizes their chill attitude and style when riding the waves. However, you should prioritize safety over style any day. Being too cocky can cost you highly, so wear a leash. You wouldn’t want a chill day could turn into a nightmare if you get yourself or a third party injured.

Stay away from crowded waters

Given the size of the longboards, they are still stable even when riding small waves. But smaller waves also mean that more people could be enjoying a swim. To stay to true safety being the first priority, keep a conservative distance from swimmers and crowded waters. Remember that swimmers won’t be able change directions or move out of the way quickly.

Watch your back

When performing tricks, like duck diving or doing a turtle roll in bigger waves, don’t ditch the longboard. It may hit someone, bruising them, or worse – their head and leave them unconscious. Look back and look for swimmers or other surfers and adjust your trajectory if needed.

Longboards are not for the big waves

Longboards are not fit for sharp and fast maneuvers. If you are not skilled and experienced enough, you’d have a bigger chance of losing control over your longboard when riding big waves. Leashes could break and injuries are in high probability when this happens.

Don’t be a wave hog

Learn to share the waters with other surfers. Be considerate and make sure everyone has a good time riding the waves. It’s better to give way and remain chill than having an argument with someone over waves.

Protect yourself

Wear proper protection when surfing. Choose decent to high-quality board shorts to avoid chaffing and irritation, such as salty crew board shorts. Your safety should be as high as the safety of the other people in the water.

What is the process for strata renovations?

Strata renovations are a great way to either improve an existing property or simply ensure that it is up to date with the latest building codes.

The process for carrying out strata renovations will vary depending on the type and size of your property. If you are thinking of buying a strata unit,Guest Posting you should get a strata inspection in Sydney because these will outline any current and past renovation work.

In general terms, there are four main parts to a renovation:

Planning – Before starting any work you should make sure that the plans meet with council regulations and do not interfere with other people’s rights or interests too much. You also need to ensure that your insurance is up-to-date before beginning such a project because it may be considered an act of negligence if something goes wrong during restoration works without being insured against damage caused by accidents.

Preparation – Once everything has been planned you can get started preparing for the actual renovation works themselves. This involves getting quotes from different companies so that you know how much money needs to be put aside and also checking with the council to find out if you will need a development application or not.

Execution – Now all preparations have been made, there are two ways to execute the renovation. The first is to do the work yourself, this may be necessary if you are on a tight budget and cannot afford expensive builders or tradesmen. The other option is to hire a professional contractor or builder for the work.

Inspection – This final part is very important as it will ensure that all works have been carried out according to plan and no corners have been cut in order to save money. A strata inspection or strata report in Sydney can help you to ensure that everything has been done to the best standards and all work is exactly as expected.

Best Craft Pilsners to try out today

For those who are familiar with the word “pilsner,” you will know that it is a type of beer.

Pilsners are typically light-coloured,Guest Posting easy-drinking lagers with an alcohol content of 4 to 5 percent. Craft pilsners take this concept and subvert it into something new. They can be coloured or dark like other beers, but they tend to have more flavour than your average craft beer in London like the Habesha Beer, thanks to the use of different types of hops and malt. It may seem strange at first, but trust me when I say that these brews are worth trying out!

Pilsners include such ingredients as barley, yeast, hops and water. Many of today’s best craft pilsners are made in the UK by small breweries that use traditional methods to create distinctive flavours. There are many pilsners that you can find in the UK. There is for example, Tin Mill Brewing Company’s Pilsner which has a classic taste with light hops and well-balanced malt flavour. The beer itself may be coloured, but it still retains its crispness like other craft beers out there. If you want to try something different yet refreshing at the same time, go ahead and pick up this one.

Another option would have to be U Brew’s Czech Style Pilsner. This type of lager has an alcohol content of around five percent therefore making it easy to drink during your day or night out on the town. What sets this apart from others is how clean it tastes instead of being overly hoppy.

The next time that you’re having friends over for drinks, why not serve them something different? Craft beer in London such as craft pilsner offer more than just your standard brews out there. If they don’t mind spending a little extra money though, give these ones above a shot!

What Exactly Is HISA?

A HISA is a safe place to store your money and earn more interest over time. Unlike a regular savings account with interest rates at almost 0%, HISAs generally offer substantially higher interest rates, sometimes up to 2% or possibly more. However, not all HISAs are the same. You’ll need to compare the features of the products provided by various financial institutions to make sure the account is ideal for you.

The main factors you should consider

While looking for the best HISA Canada,Guest Posting consider how frequently you’ll be using the account and what features you will need. How frequently will you make transactions, and are there any charges? Is there a minimum balance necessary? How is the interest calculated? Here are some of the main factors to consider before opening a HISA:


Various financial institutions provide different interest rates depending on the services selected and the features they offer. If the bank has a branch at every corner of the country, stays open every day, and pays its staff to be ready and waiting to answer any queries you have, you might find yourself paying extra charges. Financial institutions with less overhead charges might provide more competitive rates. Understand your requirements and select the highest HISA Canada through a bank that suits your financial needs. No one wants to pay for services they will never use. The entire point of opening a savings account is to save, not spend.

Minimum deposit

Some financial institutions need you to deposit a minimum balance and keep it there. If you are able to keep at least the minimum balance in the account, you might get access to higher interest rates.

Monthly fees

Some financial institutions might charge monthly fees or fees according to service;however, others may offer unlimited access to your money free of cost. Consider how frequently you will access your money and the interest rate offered. Some fees might be worth the additional features and privileges offered through the account.

Age requirements

Most HISAs require that the account holder is at least 18 years of age.This may be different in your region.

Promotional rates

Some financial institutions provide promotional rates to get you through the door. Those rates, however, don’t last forever. Select an institution that provides great rates long after the welcome scheme expires. Interest rates of 2% are usually the best HISA in Canada.

Compound interest

Some financial institutions compound interest daily, and not monthly or yearly. Select an institution that will provide you maximum value for your money and reward you for regular deposits. You’ll end up with more return on your investment in the long run. This is what makes these accounts so beneficial and why you should give it a try at least once in your life.

Using Executive Consulting to Your Advantage

When times are tough and competition is fierce, it is important to make sure that the executives in your business can handle the pressure and stand up to the challenges they’ll face. Especially in major cities, businesses have become more cutthroat and competition is being weeded out by the most successful and larger companies. Consulting is one avenue you can explore to ensure your business can withstand these tough times.

Hiring a strategic planning firm is the answer. Many of these companies have exclusive membership for businesses in major metropolitan areas, which provides many helpful and necessary services to help make businesses become more successful. One of these services is executive consulting, which is made simple and effective with his program. This type of consulting is beneficial for business because not only does it provide a professional resource, but it also allows for the opportunity to improve and enrich businesses.

A couple of the most important tips to promote success you can take away from executive consulting are branding and marketing strategies. Using a consultant simply means that you are using someone who is professionally trained to help you improve and market your business both easily and effectively. Premier consulting firms are different in that all members and mentors have held titles as chief executives. This means that not only do these mentors understand your market, but they also know how to successfully reach a higher level of success so that your company is the first thing clients think of when considering whatever product or service you offer.

Executive consulting can also assist you in making large business decisions such as buying or selling portions of your company or expanding or downsizing your employee base. Most consultants are professionals just like you, and they have all faced these types of questions and roadblocks. These consultants can advise you in the right direction for your business so that you do not have to worry about knowing whether or not you made the right decision by yourself.

Executive consulting also provides networking opportunities for your business. Because consultants have been business leaders themselves, using their expertise to your advantage may also earn you some professional kudos so that your company may be able to partner with or use the services of your consultant’s company. Business is all about who you know, and knowing the best of the best in your area, as well as learning from them represents a phenomenal opportunity.

If you want to give your business the staying power and strength that it needs to survive in these unstable times, a strategic planning firm is perfect for you and your company. By providing executive consulting as well as other useful services, a firm specializing in these traits can help you network, market, and make important decisions with the help of others who have both the experience and the knowledge to guide you through these important matters. Joining our program is one of the best decisions that you can make for you and your business.

So You Want to Be a Consultant

I hear it all the time. People decide that they are going to start their own consulting businesses. In challenging economic times such as we are currently experiencing, the impetus is often job loss. Other times it outgrows that good idea that people have that they know will be embraced inside the business community. Whatever the driver, too many people leap into consulting without a thorough appreciation of what they are getting into.

I am not going to spend a lot of time on the things that you have no doubt heard time and again about starting a business. The stuff about having a business plan, sources of capital and so on. Rather I’d like to focus on some basic realities of launching a consultancy that many people simply do not consider.

One of the biggest misconceptions I see is the “consultant as a bridge to my next job” strategy. Lots of business people see a gap in their resume as anathema and decide to close it by becoming a “consultant.” They have no long term desire to build a business or consult, they just want to show employment continuity and earn a few bucks in the interim.  But it is extremely difficult to conduct a job search and launch a consultancy. They are routinely out-positioned by real consultants who have a story and track record and so they rarely get work. Plus, the strategy is transparent to potential employers, who have seen it time and again. Not a good idea to be a pretend consultant.

The second big misconception is that a “great idea” will lead to success, once the world is introduced to it. Might could be, as they say in New Hampshire. But there is no shortage of good ideas out there. The challenge is making your good idea known and actionable to your target audience, an audience that is being inundated with “good ideas” daily. That’s where marketing and salesmanship come into play.

Which leads into the next big misconception. I have heard it time and time again. ” I could be a great consultant if only I did not need to do so much selling.” If you can not sell, you can not start your own consultancy. Period.

There are other, even more basic misconceptions out there. As obvious as it may seem, many people fail to consider that having their own consultancy is fundamentally different from being someone else’s employee. For instance, as an independent consultant, if you do not work, you do not earn. There is no such thing as sick pay, vacation pay, bonus pay, service awards or gold watches after 50 years.

These misconceptions and others lead people down a path that they are ill prepared for. They struggle and quickly get discouraged. No wonder half of all new businesses fail before the fourth year. But there are rewards to having your own business that are simply too numerous to list here. Not the least of which is the sense of accomplishment you will feel from building something from the ground up.

If you are interested in launching your own consulting business, or any business, I encourage you to thoughtfully consider your actions. Be prepared and do your homework. Assess your motives and understand the fundamental differences between being an employee and being an owner. Once you are certain that you want to make the change, then move onto your business plan. Done correctly and with patience, your likelihood of success increases exponentially. Good luck.

Is a Social Media Consultant Essential for Companies?

Social media is a big buzz word today. It is getting tossed everywhere and companies are scrambling to find consultants who can help them in this new arena. But the big question is do you really need to hire a social media consultant?

The simple answer to this question is yes; companies big or small should hire an expert who can create a viable strategy for social media engagement. In a world that is increasingly becoming more social, having a dynamic presence in various online communities is a must.

In other words, your company’s continued success can be determined by its ability to leverage different social tools for enhancing customer service, marketing, and sales. With the help of a competent consultant, this new business task can be made easier and more efficient.

How to Find the Right Expert

The sad truth nowadays is that so-called social media experts are already a dime a dozen. In every corner of the Internet, you can find ‘consultants’ who will promise just about everything for your company.

As a business owner, you need to distinguish the sneak oil salesmen from the real experts. So here are the most crucial things that you need to look for when hiring a social media consultant.

1. Get a Consultant with Corporate Experience

A consultant cannot claim expertise in social online media if he or she does not have corporate experience. This is important because online strategies cannot be separated from the overall corporate goals and interests. Your consultant therefore should have an intimate knowledge of how businesses work. So make sure to look for these qualities:

a. At least 5 years marketing experience in a corporate environment.

b. Portfolio of previous engagement (corporate accounts).

c. Verifiable references.

d. Proven brand in various online communities (get the consultant’s blog/website URLs, Twitter handle, LinkedIn profile, Google+ profile, and Facebook page).

2. Know the Strategies of Your Consultant

Many so-called experts will tell you that their ultimate goal is to enhance your company’s social network exposure. But you have to take note that social networking is just a small aspect of social media. A real consultant will propose strategies that are in line with your company’s goal. He should provide you with a blueprint on how to leverage the following tools:

a. Blogging

b. Social networking

c. Social bookmarking

d. Web 2.0 engagement

e. Online forum branding

f. Broad search/Local search optimization

More importantly, your consultant should propose plans on how to use these tools to improve customer service, online marketing, and sales generation.

3. Get a Consultant Who Has a System for Measuring Success

Jumpstarting a social media campaign is the easy part. The more difficult aspect is measuring its success. You should avoid a consultant who cannot provide reliable metrics for verifying success. Real consultants will always give you certain benchmarks that can be quantified so that you can determine if your strategies are working.

Modern business environments are getting more and more competitive due to the explosive growth of the Internet. That is why you need a competent social media consultant who has the right experience, ability, and expertise to help your business grow in the digital age.