How to avoid credit card scams?

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Credit card frauds are a nightmare for all individuals. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the most prevalent scam in 2020 was the credit card scam. The scammers stole around $149 million.

While knowing what to do if you’ve been a victim of credit card theft is crucial, practicing credit card safety from the minute you obtain a new credit card will go a far toward preventing credit card scams.

How to avoid credit card scams?

To fool you or steal your personal information, scammers employ various strategies. During times of crisis, such as the covid-19 outbreak, frauds tend to increase. Criminals try to take advantage of us when we are most vulnerable.

Knowing what to look out for often can help decision-making and avoid credit card fraud. Let’s look at some easy techniques to avoid being a victim of fraud:

Use only secure websites

A padlock will appear on the left side of the URL bar if the site is secure. Furthermore, the URL will begin with HTTPS. Any site that begins with HTTP is not secure. Don’t use a non-secure website to enter your credit card information. And a company that does not provide data protection to its consumers does not deserve your business.


Scams can be delivered via phone, email, or text. The goal is to get you to divulge your banking details. Scammers may phone and claim to be from a reputable organization, such as a bank or the Social Security Administration.

Today’s frauds are pretty sophisticated in terms of technology. For example, you may receive an email with what looks to be your bank’s logo and believe it to be genuine. However, you can tell an email is fraudulent if it asks you to respond with your credit card account number.

You will never be asked to provide critical information in this manner by the government or a financial institution. If you see mistakes in the communication, you can tell if it’s a hoax.


Skimmers are commonly used by credit card criminals to obtain your credit card details. Hackers try to hide these devices on ATMs and gas pumps so that they may “skim” data from your credit card’s magnetic stripe on the back.

Look for evidence of tampering when you pay for gas or withdraw money from an ATM. Pay for your petrol inside the store if you’re hesitant. If an ATM appears to have been tampered with, look for another ATM linked with your bank. Of course, if possible, use your EMV chip credit card, though not at an ATM.

No publicizing of personal information

Spend a couple of hours on any social media platform if you believe this does not need to be mentioned. Also, if you have older children who use the internet, have a serious discussion about this. Thieves scour social media for information about your life and finances that they can piece together.

Do not save your credit card details on the internet

Understandably, following this rule is brutal. Because you must pause, locate your credit card, and enter the account number, all of this is a time taking process. But, a data breach can happen even with merchants you know, so storing personal account information on the web is not a good idea. However, if you can type in your card account number every time, it’s an excellent approach to reduce your fraud risk.

Do not use public Wi-Fi

Since public Wi-Fi networks are frequently unsecured, you’ll be susceptible to hackers if you give out your credit card number or bank account information. In addition, scammers may be loitering in public places, waiting to pounce on an unwitting victim and take their data. So sit tight until you’re on a secure network to make any financial decisions.

Make it a habit to protect your credit cards

You can indeed be cautious about preventing credit card theft and still fall victim to it. However, by doing everything you can to prevent it, you will have significantly lowered your risk. First, check your online financial accounts multiple times a week to avoid credit card fraud. Look for evidence of shady transactions and report them right away. You’ll go a long way toward limiting the financial – and emotional – harm if you catch fraud early.


Credit card scams are a common occurrence these days. Hence the need to protect ourselves from falling victim to such scams. Taking safety measures such as avoiding making payments over public Wi-Fi, not having them auto-saved, not posting private data on social media, etc., can do a lot of help. But, at the same time, these things will certainly not protect you wholly but can lessen the impact of the scam.

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Learn the Most Convenient Car Financing Options

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Once you have decided to purchase a car, worked upon your budget, and selected the model, the next part is all about auto financing. Even after having a good income source and a decent credit score, applying for an auto loan is a task. It is because there are so many factors attached to it. Car financing is a purchase that will affect your financial situation over the long run, and hence you can’t go wrong with the loan term or the overall financing cost.

Direct Lending vs. Dealership Financing: Your Choice

There are two main ways to finance your car:

1. Direct Lending Option

Direct lenders can be any third-party who has an individual loan approval process and interest calculations. You can get pre-approved loans from such lenders and have them on the table while negotiating with the car dealer. There are many types of direct lenders you can choose from:

a. Credit Unions

Credit Unions are non-profit financial institutions that charge a lower interest rate on car loans. Hence, they are a reasonable option to arrange money for your new car. But, credit unions provide car financing to their members only. So, if you want to enjoy the benefit of lower interest rates, start with your credit union. If you are not a member of any credit union, check if you fulfill the criteria to become a member of one of them.

b. Banks

Banks provide car financing at affordable rates if you qualify their loan approval criteria. They are the most popular source for car buyers to get their pre-approved auto loans. Nowadays, many banks offer an online application process to help you apply for a loan from the comfort of your home.

c. Online Lenders

Many online auto financing companies offer loans to applicants. You have to submit an online loan application, and you will receive an approval within two business days. The chances of getting an auto loan with an online lender are significant. They have a network of several dealers, banks, and credit unions. Thus, they provide the best loan quote to customers, even if someone has a bad credit score.

2. Dealership Financing

Car dealers can provide you with some of the best deals by reducing the list price of your car and offering you additional discounts if you apply for a loan with them. Dealership financing includes various financing options to choose from, but check the loan quotes in detail to get the best deal.

a. Captive Finance Companies

Few automakers like Ford and Honda have their own finance companies. They are known as captive finance companies, which provide loans to car buyers with lucrative offers such as 0% finance cost for initial months. But to get such loans, you need to have an excellent credit score. Hence, you should upgrade your credit score if you decide to go for it.

b. Buy Here, Pay Here

Often, Buy Here Pay Here Dealers will offer financing options to car buyers on their own. The dealers can earn additional income in the form of interest revenue. However, they also assume the risk of missed payments. Typically, if you have a poor credit history and want to buy a used car, you can opt for in-house financing with the dealer.

c. Financing arranged by Dealers

Often, dealers have tie-ups with third-party financial institutions such as traditional banks and credit unions to help their customers secure an auto loan. They assist in getting easy auto loan approval by helping the customer meet the loan criteria. It aids them in increasing sales and enables car buyers to make the purchase quickly.

What’s your Decision?

There are many financing options to buy a car. But, choose wisely after evaluating the interest rates available to you. Understand the terms and conditions in detail and discuss the repossession terms. Will there be a grace period in case you missed a payment? Is there a pre-payment penalty? Cover all aspects and then make a well-informed decision that suits your financial situation.

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The Simple Process of GST Registration Online and it functions for Startup Business

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The Purpose of GST
GST is introduced to eliminate many types of issues that were the results of the previous tax regimes in India. Indian Government has introduced it with the purpose to eliminate those problems and make the tax regime more effective and simple. Now know the mainly purpose of online GST Registration Pocedure for individual or companies as per their requirements.

Nationwide Accepted Market

Before the introduction of GST, Central and State Governments were involved into imposing different kinds of taxation rules and regulations. Each and every state in India has their robust taxation authority. They were imposing VAT, Sales tax, service tax, excise duty etc with the goods and services. This scenario has created huge parity of the price of different types of products and services. Due to this rule, investors were shied away to invest money in the country.

But now with the GST, the taxpayers need to go through a single tax regime, The GST across the whole nation. It helps to eliminate the huge price differences of the goods and services in here. This has given the chance to access Nationwide Common and accepted market for all.

Eradicate Tax Cascading Effect

When products and goods are taxed in every stage of production, transportation and delivery are called as Tax Cascading Effect. It increases the price of products many fold till reach to the clients. This system has caused to increase the inflation on economy. The introduction of GST helps to eradicate this tax cascading effect.

Benefits for Small Businesses

Under the GST, a unique plan has been introduced to assist small businesses. This is called ‘Composition Scheme.’ Under the scheme, small businesses can pay a certain percentage of tax on their turnover. Also, under this scheme micro enterprises need to file for GST on a quarterly basis. The GST rates under the ‘Composition Scheme’ as follows-

Companies with ¹1.5 Crore turnovers, need to pay only 1% GST.
Organizations with ¹6 Crore turnovers, need to pay only 6% GST.
Regulations for Unorganized Businesses

One of the most significant purposes of GST is to get the unorganized business concerns on deck. Under the previous tax regime, these unsystematic businesses were not paying any kind of tax. After the introduction of the GST, there was a 50% boost in GST tax collection of the indirect tax payers. The numbers of voluntary registration has been increased significantly.

Less Complicated Compliance

Previously, there were different kinds of tax regimes like sales tax, services tax, VAT and all these regimes had its own compliance measurements. The purpose of GST was to end all those complicated compliance assessments and bring all taxpayers under one system.

Types of GST

We have 3 types of GST in India.

CGST – Goods and Service Tax collected by the Central Government,

Types of GST

We have 3 types of GST in India.

CGST – Goods and Service Tax collected by the Central Government,

SGST – Goods and Service Tax collected by the State Governments, for intra-state transactions,

IGST – Goods and Service Tax collected by the State Governments, for inter-state transactions.

Documents Required For GST Registration
Get here list of the GST Registration Documents Kolkata you must be provide based upon on your business type of services which are you run in the financila market.

Documents for GST Registration of Individuals & Sole Proprietors

Mobile no and email ID
Aadhaar card of owner
PAN card of owner
Photograph of ownr
Bank account details
Proof of address
GST Registration Documents of Partnerships & LLP

Mobile no and email ID
Partnership deed
Address proof of partners involved
Aadhaar card of any authorised signatory
PAN cards of partners
Signatory’s proof of appointment
Photographs of partners
LLP proof of registration
Principal address proof of Business
Bank details
Documents for GST Registration of Companies

Mobile no and email ID
Incorporation certificate from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs
PAN card of Company
Memorandum/ Articles of Association
PAN card of Signatory
Appointment proof of signatory
PAN card of all directors
Aadhaar card of Signatory
Bank details
Address proof of all directors
Principal address proof of Business
Function of GST
The Functions of the GST can be explained with three different stages.

1st Stage

This first stage includes the Manufacture¹

The main stage includes the Manufacturer. For example, a fabric maker buys crude materials to weave a fabric. Assume the materials cost him Rs 500. Likewise, a measure of Rs 50 is forced as an expense. The producer would now be able to make attire. The maker joins an incentive to the materials over the span of creating the attire. Assume the worth added by the person in question is 200. Subsequently, the total estimation of the dress becomes ¹ 500 + 200= 700. 10% expense is forced on the material, so the assessment on yield on the apparel will at that point be Rs 70. Nonetheless, the GST framework will permit the maker to set off this duty ¹ 70 against the expense. This is conceivable since the individual previously paid for crude material and contributions of Rs 50. All in all, the usable GST will force on the maker just ¹20, i.e., ¹.70-50=20, consequently making GST an assessment forced distinctly on the worth added.

2nd Stage

In the second stage, the Distributor or Service Provider is included. In this stage, the merchandise dispatched from the producer to the distributer, a specialist co-op. Assume, the distributer gets it for ¹700 and connects a worth which is 100. The gross estimation of the wares the distributer sells would be an aggregate of Rs700 + 100= Rs 800. A 10% expense on this sum will be Rs 80. Be that as it may, the GST framework will permit the maker to set off this duty of Rs 80. This is conceivable since the individual previously paid the expense forced on the merchandise purchased from the maker (Rs 50).In end, the employable GST will force on the distributer just ¹30 (80 – 50).

3rd Stage

Stage 3 includes the Consumer. The item is bought by a retailer from the distributer. Likewise, he fuses ¹10 to their acquisition of ¹800. In this way, the gross estimation of the attire sold by the retailer adds up to ¹800 + 40= 840. The duty of 10% will add up to ¹84. At the point when the expense is set off against the duty on the acquisition from the distributer (Rs 80), the retailer achieves a decline in the employable GST by ¹4 (84–80). All in all, the absolute GST relevant on the whole worth beginning from crude material for example input providers, the people who are not qualified to guarantee tax break since they haven’t gained anything themselves from the maker, distributer just as the retailer add up to an aggregate of ¹ 50+20+30+4 = ¹ 104 , which is paid by the buyer.

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How A Survey Consultant Can Help You Ask the Right Questions

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Instead of hiring a professional survey consultant, many business owners or corporate managers attempt to design their own online omnibus surveys and execute and analyze the data themselves. But the most successful people in the world got that way by surrounding themselves with experts. That is especially true when it comes to taking advantage of knowledgeable market survey companies and the expertise of a trained survey consultant.

Use the right survey consultant and your surveys will pay for themselves many times over. But try managing an online omnibus survey with a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach and you’ll risk losing money, credibility, and customers. It happens all the time, thanks to poorly designed questionnaires, inappropriate sample frames, and questions that confuse data and contribute to misleading outcomes.

Any top notch omnibus survey company, for instance, will know how to ensure than the sample or surveyed audience is large enough – and sufficiently well-stratified – to get the insights you seek.
Meanwhile their survey consultants will create questions that yield more candid and factual responses by being easy to comprehend yet psychologically sensitive to the concerns of consumers being surveyed.
When surveys don’t flow well or when they delve into sensitive issues, people may fill them out with information that is inaccurate. Instead of responding to the question the way it was intended, they instead answer in a way that they think is socially acceptable, will make them appear more intelligent, or will preserve their privacy and anonymity.
Fail to understand these dynamics and it can not only mislead, but it can cause you to launch an expensive ad campaign or product line that misses the target entirely.
But the skillful survey consultant will design a survey that allows respondents to answer clearly and truthfully, will embed quality controls to ensure the integrity of the output, and will set timelines and reporting benchmarks to ensure the data is fresh when it is time to use it to make those all-important decisions.
A professional survey consultant can also do fast, flexible analysis. Many times the results of an online omnibus survey will need to be interpreted clearly in very short order. Providing quick, accurate analysis of omnibus survey results is often one of the most valuable aspects of the survey consultant’s service.
The survey consultant can also monitor response rates and adjust the sample to keep up with slower completion rates, for instance, or augment sample to allow for deeper analysis of interviews from key groups of respondents whose data would otherwise be obscured by statistical white noise.
In today’s world of sophisticated online omnibus survey tools and survey company technologies the power of world-class market survey companies cannot be overestimated. Let them conduct your next survey – and ask the right kinds of questions – to really uncover answers that illuminate your vision. Don’t rely on guesswork, but engage the services of online survey companies and a professional survey consultant.

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10 Reasons Why You Really Do Not Need to Employ an HR Consultant

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If you own or manage a small or medium-sized business you no doubt feel that your knowledge of HR issues such as employment law, equality and diversity, HR policies, employment contracts etc. is very limited. This probably causes you a high level of anxiety in case you get something wrong which might have a major impact on your business.

This feeling is no doubt heightened by HR professionals who we hear regularly in the media expounding on the costs associated with such things as Employment Tribunals, and how easy they are to lose. There are also innumerable HR Consultancies on the internet all offering to provide services for you to ensure you are “fully legally compliant”, and also to “add value” by providing services that you never even knew you needed like the latest HR software, or an “HR Audit” of your company.

As an HR practitioner of over 20 years standing, and as one who currently works as an HR Consultant, let me tell you a secret. If you run your small / medium sized business reasonably well and you have no major staffing issues, then you do not need to employ an HR Consultant (usually starting around 500 per day), you do not need to “subscribe” to an expensive HR website, indeed you don’t really need to spend any significant amount of money at all on HR services! Here are the 10 reasons why:

If you are competent enough to manage your business with all the complexities that entails, there is no reason why YOU can’t easily ensure you have a proper HR framework in place to support your staffing issues. You really don’t need an HR Consultant who is external to your organisation to tell you how to manage your staff.
The risks of getting things wrong are massively over-hyped. HR Consultants and Employment Lawyers will fill you full of horror tales about the costs of losing an unfair dismissal claim at Employment Tribunal. The simple facts are that if you act reasonably as an employer, you are likely to spend far more on HR Consultants and lawyers trying to defend an Employment Tribunal claim than you would lose if the findings went against you! Employment Tribunals are really quite rare in the scheme of things, and if you do have a claim made against you by an employee, then if you have acted reasonably in your dealings with them you should have no fears in defending the ET yourself.
HR Consultants are geared towards maximising their income rather than helping your business. This means that they will do their best to persuade you that you need to implement those products they support. A good example is HR software. Do you really need a bespoke HR System to record your employee details? An Excel spreadsheet or Access database knocked up in an afternoon might do just as well. If you do want an HR system you should shop around, there are a number of fairly cheap stand-alone systems out there which you could easily implement yourself.
You do need to have proper HR policies in place to regulate how you employ your staff. However these days there is so much information on the internet you can easily find the information you need on there. If you get your information there, then there is no need to employ an HR Consultant to come in to your organisation and tell you the same things!
There are some basic HR policies and procedures that you really need to have in place. These are in my view: Discipline, Grievance, Equality, Harassment / Bullying and Health & Safety. You may also want to add Induction and Training, and you will need some guidance on Maternity / Paternity leave and pay, and probably on Flexible Working. If you have a problem with sickness, then you should implement an Absence Management policy to address this. To be honest the easiest way to address all this is to produce a Staff Handbook which outlines all these policies and any other issues which you think are relevant for your particular circumstances. Our website has templates of most of the policies you will need – you can download and adapt these. We also have a full Policy Manual, and a template Staff Handbook. If what you need is not here, then you can easily Google it and you are likely to find something on the internet, or you can ask us if we have it. We do have lots of stuff which we have not yet put onto out web site. You really don’t need an HR Consultant to develop something bespoke for your organisation when so many resources already exist and can be adapted.
The internet is a fantastic free resource for small / medium-sized businesses. From an HR perspective you can access all the information you could possibly need to ensure you have the necessary framework in place to support your staff. The UK Governments Business Links site is a great resource for employers. If you need Health & Safety information go to the UK Health & Safety Executive site.
When recruiting, which you may not do very often, you may feel you need professional guidance. This is not necessary. Just be sure that the advert you produce for your vacancies is not in any way biased towards or against one or more type of person. It is often a good idea to let a colleague have a look at it just to double check you have not unconsciously missed something. At interview construct a list of questions based on the skills needed for the job, basically asking for examples of what the individual has achieved in that regard in previous jobs. Ask every applicant the same questions. Interview with a colleague and guard each other against any bias or discrimination creeping into your questioning. Make careful notes of the answers and how you have concluded who is the best candidate.
When dealing with staffing issues, if you have a problem with a staff member, you should manage the situation as you would with any other business problem. That is make sure you gather all the information you need, review the situation and then take appropriate action. If this relates to disciplining a member of staff, just make sure you investigate properly and then apply your agreed disciplinary procedure. Just be sure you have good notes on everything you do.
If you are faced with a staffing situation which is new to you and you are not sure how to act, you should flex your network of colleagues to see if anyone you know has experience of a similar situation. You can also look on the web to see if you can get guidance there.
Don’t worry about being caught out by changes to employment law. To be honest these are so well trailed if you simply keep an eye on the press or in the UK the Business Links site noted above, or our site you will be certain to know what changes are coming and how they will affect you. It really is as simple as that.
In conclusion, if you are careful about any staffing issues and you ensure you implement a decent framework of up-to-date HR policies and procedures which meet your employment law obligations, then you should have no anxieties about getting things wrong and feel no necessity to seek expensive HR Consultant help.

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Pay Per Click Consultant – Wealthy Affiliate University

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For anyone that is working on the internet the idea of having a private coach and consultant sounds like heaven. Just imagine having your very own pay per click consultant that can train you in the ways of marketing on the internet with this very productive way to make money. This is one of the hardest ways to do business on the web but you can make a lot of money and if you have a consultant that can teach you the ways of the wise, you can be very productive.

1. Constant Changes.

The internet changes constantly each and every day so it is important to know how to keep up to date with the new rules of the game. Having the Wealthy Affiliate as your pay per click consultant you are going to know how to keep up with the race of the web. If you have the right approach you are going to be able to create a campaign that will not dry out your resources and leave you with no money. This consultant can keep your bank account in the black instead of the red.

2. Learning The Right Things.

There are things that your pay per click consultant is going to show you so that you can avoid pitfalls. Some of the things that you need to learn are getting started with a plan of action for your PPC campaign, having a website that will actually convert for you, know how to market Yahoo and even Bing. All of this is very important from your consultant so that you can build a proper site that will be productive.

3. Getting All The Info.

You want to know that your pay per click consultant is going to give you all the information that you need in order to have a constructive and productive site. It is possible for you to start making upwards of $100 or more a day within just a few short months with the proper guidance. As you can see, a pay per click consultant can be very beneficial.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Business Financial Consultant

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It’s no secret that starting your own business requires a lot of hard work and research. Besides those things, you also need seed money in order to get your business up and running and that often means applying for a loan at a bank.

Getting a business loan is just like getting a loan for anything else, for the most part, but banks often require a little more information than is typical of other types of loans before they’ll hand over the funds that you can use as seed money to start your own business.

That’s where a business financial consultant can help.

Having a business plan in place is one of the most important things that any aspiring business owner should do. Beyond being an outline of what your business is about and how you plan to succeed, your business plan should also include a plan for how the various financial aspects of your business are going to be dealt with.

Hiring a consultant can help you to successfully navigate what is, at times, a very confusing maze of laws and rules that govern business finance. Not only can you make sure that any money that you put into your business is appropriated to the right aspects of the business but, with a consultant, you’ll also strengthen your business plan so that the banks will extend a line of credit to you.

Business financial consultants typically know exactly what it is that banks look for in the people that they’ll potentially extend loans to. It’s important to remember that starting a business isn’t just particularly risky for you; it can be a risk for the bank as well.

Banks want to make sure that they’ll get a return on their investment into the business that you’re starting. In order to guarantee them that their money won’t just disappear, you need to have a business financial consultant’s expert grasp on many of the different aspects of business finance and have everything thoroughly outlined in order to secure business funding.

Aspects of a Business Plan

Some of the aspects that you need to be familiar with in your business plan include how the funding you’re trying to secure is going to be spent on things related to the business like supplies, office space, personnel, marketing and promotion.

Beyond these things, a business financial consultant will use various CFO services to help you develop an idea for things like anticipated cash flow and escalating costs as they relate to the growth of the business. Having a plan to start a business is important, but having the foresight to predict how things are going to develop once the business is operational is equally important.

With the economic times being as trying as they are everyone is tightening their belts and banks are looking at who they give money to with more scrutiny than they had in the past.

Succeeding as an Owner

If you want to succeed as the owner of a brand new business then you have to make sure that every single aspect of your business related finances are in order before you go to the bank or any institution of lending with the expectation that you’ll be given the money needed to get started.

A business financial consultant and the CFO services that he or she can provide are pretty much necessities for new business owners, but any business can benefit from working with such a person. After all, you’ve already got plans to start your business and it’s a given that you’ll want to stay in business.

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What Exactly Is A Business Plans Consultant Service

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The perfect business plans consultant is actually a qualified professional advisor who has a vast array of experience in running enterprises together with composing business plans. A specialist could have worked in a workplace that they needed to check plans for banking institutions or small business support services.

They will have had knowledge of operating their own individual organization and might have actually run or managed all sorts of companies previous to becoming a consultant.

What can the consultant provide for your business?

These type of consultants can give qualified help and advice, should you be writing your own strategic plan and need help in any element you can employ a specialist consultant to help you. This could occur by face to face meetings, on the phone or even over the web by live chat.

Your consultant is also able to prepare a professional business plan for your enterprise. They might discuss with you with regards to your company and really learn every aspect concerning what precisely you plan to do and the way in which you are likely to do it.

They are able to finally take this material and prepare a bespoke plan customised for your individual company on your behalf. By taking over the writing of your plan they can save you time and money and let you get on with the more practical things.

For those who only need help with one particular component in the plan for instance — the financial records part they may produce this part to help you and allow you to wrap up every other part of the plan.

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Ten Personal Development Strategies For Independent Consultants

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Consulting is by definition is giving advice or providing counsel. In fact, being called a consultant or an advisor should be equally acceptable. The work itself is fundamentally identifying your clients’ need, defining the problem(s) that need to be solved, getting the client’s agreement on an approach for solving the problem, and working with the client to solve the problem.

Being a consultant, however, is a competitive occupation. And, those who fail to update their practice and evaluate, maintain, and grow their market position will not succeed. Moreover, the consultant has to be concerned about personal growth. In addition to maintaining good general health and keeping your life in balance, you as a consultant must work hard on your development and should therefore do the following ten things:

1. Read widely and diversely in professional journals and periodicals.
2. Take continuing education and advance degrees either by home study or by attending a college.
3. Be open to new ideas and varied points of view.
4. Learn from your mistakes and then dismiss them.
5. Look to learn from every encounter or event.
6. Join professional organizations, attend meetings, and contribute.
7. Challenge accepted beliefs.
8. Seek out interesting and informative people.
9. Continue to improve your communication skills.
10. End your day at a reasonable hour, relax, enjoy some good conversation, watch sports, do some light reading, meditate, or whatever you need to do to unwind.

And, most of all be kind to yourself, watch for signs of burnout, low energy, and negative thinking. Finally, don’t forget to celebrate success, change, and small victories.

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Clients on Tap For Internet Marketing Consulting

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How many small businesses can you think of that would benefit by having an online presence? The butcher, baker, candlestick maker? Your dentist, lawyer, beautician or printer? They all do, and because they are rarely skilled in internet marketing, they are the hungry clients for an internet marketing consulting business.

Yellow Pages Have Other Uses

People are no longer consulting the Yellow Pages to find the goods and services they need. They are searching online, and they are using their copy of the Yellow Pages to, among other things, raise the height of their computer monitors!

Offline businesses recognize that having their own websites is a much cheaper alternative than having any type of print advertising, and more versatile than being just ‘one of many’ in online directories.

How Big Is The Market?

Just a few months ago, the figures were staggering – and every single day they grow. To illustrate, there were 24.7 million small businesses in the U.S. alone, 4.3 million in the United Kingdom and 1.2 million in Australia. While they will not all be looking to set up a search engine optimized website (though they should!), many of them are.

This is an indication of the size of the potential market for an Internet Marketing Consulting business – and there are not many in the game, yet.

What Service Needs To Be Provided?

That’s the great thing about a consultancy – you can decide what services you wish to provide. If you have skills in a certain area, e.g. graphic design or content writing, you can do this alone, or you can offer a complete service, and outsource whatever components you choose.

Is It Easy To Get Started?

With the right guidance, you can start earning money right away, but don’t be mistaken – it is not money for jam, you do have to work at it. But you work the hours you want, and you work for whomever you choose.

As well, you need self-discipline to be self-employed. You need to be able to set targets for yourself and stick with them. For some people, not having a boss to tell them what to do and when to do it, is almost impossible to get used to.

Are There Any Courses Available?

Because internet marketing consultancy is a relatively new field, there are no courses available in formal institutions. The best way to learn is from someone with proven results already – if they are willing to share their secrets. They are around though, so look for someone with proven credentials (not just a fancy sales pitch!), Google their name to make sure they are legit, and if they check out, then get on board without delay.

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